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Dr.Slaggleberry "Tuc Into The Tar" E.P

Image of Dr.Slaggleberry "Tuc Into The Tar" E.P

£4.99 - On Sale

Dr.Slaggleberry second "LIVE" e.p Tuc into the tar (Hard Copy)
"Novemeber 2008"

review quote from "Lords of Metal"

I am sorry, I am just looking for my jaw which dropped to the floor. Where is the damn thing? There it is… Immediately kicking in the door: Dr. Slaggleberry is THE SHIT! And goddamn it, this is recorded live. LIVE. They sound tighter than many metal band recording with a fucking clicktrack. LIVE!!!! YEAH! Those four exclamation marks are only there to give emphasis to my amazement. What band showed us tightness, technique and fire at the same time?